Friday, September 30, 2011

                                                                                                                          She is so sweet!

The beginning

Enjoying the start of fall and getting the urge to get out my big box of fall decorations and things I have collected over the years and of course the kid's favorite things that are put out with each season.My Mom always made each holiday special and I enjoy doing the same for my family because then my memory of my mom comes back to me! I have wanted to start a blog for sometime and have no clue what to do or how to show what I love. I have been tolled by many that I have a very creative mind and I always come up with very cool things to make or give as gifts, as it is my passion to make things....I have always had a huge love for collage art! I have done many different types of crafts and enjoy trying  as many new things as possible....Decorating is another huge thing for me too, I love color, texture, arranging....its always going threw my mind, I know what i like and don't like in a second and how its going to work. As a teenager I was the one that wanted to clean and arrange my friends bedrooms and decorate with what they carried over and stuck into my subconscious so that when I walk into a house I either want to organize, clean have ideas on how to spice it up or tone it down...its fun for me and I usually keep it to myself or it would really be annoying I'm sure lol! I love it. Thrift stores and estate sales are the best, its endless on what you can find and use. Looking forward to the weekend, headed to greenbluff to get cider and veggies at the farms and maybe a good pie to bring home!