Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh sweet Valentine!

At the request of my youngest daughter she was getting excited to put the valentine decorations out so we got out the big red box and the excitement began! Our little one loves to decorate and has good memories already attached to everything for each of the holidays. My Mom kept so many special memories for me by making every holiday special in some way. A girlfriend and I were talking about the little Avon pins we would get when we were little for the holidays. Remember the perfume pins like the little turtle, the bunny with roller skates, calico cat, I would love to get a few of these for my youngest...then I could play with them again too!! Making each occasion special is good for the soul, even if its something little, your kid's will remember. Enjoy this Valentine's Day by doing something outside the box to make it memorable.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

A few of my favorite things from my home. Our home was built in 1910, love the tall ceilings,rounded arch ways,big front porch and the old post mailbox! My coffee table made from an old door found at a Audubon garage sale, bell jar's are another favorite of mine, Gardening just a little and our monster ivy vine that took off like crazy two years ago and covered the whole fence! Most everything we have is second hand or very old and been around a while, Craig's list is my friend for sure, found many things I have refinished and reused or resold.

waiting for canvas!! please come today!!

So excited to make a mess on my table this weekend, the smell of paint,paper,modge on the fingers, cutting paper,ripping paper, music and old vintage papers, more texture....ART is my breath of fresh air for the week. I really look forward to this part of my weekend!  I should have been a art teacher, maybe I still could be...hmmmmm loving that thought. I have played with rubber stamps and paper for a long time, about 16 years...I remember joining on with stampin up when my oldest was 3 and having a ball playing with all that and having classes at my home had even more fun ordering and seeing all the products and building my own collection of stamps to use. I have tried so many more things since then that mixing it all together makes more sense to me, its endless, endless & did I say endless, If your into mixed media I know you agree! I feel like I'm just getting started with a new chapter in my life and its like having triple shot mocha that sparks some serious fun for me. I look for all kinds of junk, trinkets,old papers, ledgers, old books,wallpaper,old photos,old lace, threading,ribbon,metal....I feel like magiver..lol its crazy and well its me! Hope you all have a creative weekend take some time to do something for someone else and enjoy!...and a cup of chai vanilla

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Loving the She art class!

I have to laugh...I made this for a friend and after looking at it I realized a few obvious mistakes...but it was made with love and it was my second girl so still learning and having fun! I love Christys class she is a fun person to hangout with at your work space!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mixed media is here to stay! Loving it!!

I have been having a blast with my "She Art Class" this is my first official girl..still needs my phrase added to it.. I had a bunch of tin servers I found at the thrift store that I decided to use for this girlie instead of canvas..so I will add some ribbon to hang, but I love her! I was getting excited to go to Farm chicks and it sparked this inspiration to do a girl wearing  her boots and  a messy bun!

Sunday, January 1, 2012