Saturday, February 11, 2012

Collage, dresses,drawing, oh my!

OK so after going to the Bookstore ( another favorite indulgence) I came across the book "Collage Couture" by Julie Netting. Wow, I couldn't wait to get it home and see something new. After getting some paper out and playing with new contours for body, face,eyes,hair and dress styles... I started feeling a bit more confident in drawing I left a few examples of what I drew. I have never been a good drawer at all. I need lots of practice. Also a few more things I made last week. Looking forward to reading Somerset Studio today. I'm totally a magazine junkie. Started She Art class 2 had a little time last night to check out some of the tutorials and looking forward to getting messy on Monday..took day off..cant wait!
1st,2nd,3rd getting a little better each time

don't you love the Popeye arm on the

Collage Couture by "Julie Netting" love it!

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