Friday, February 3, 2012

My favorite indulgence at last!

Ahhh its Friday at last! What a busy week for me. It seems that I had way to much on my plate this week but finally all is well and done! Just grabbed the newest "where women create" magazine getting all cozied up in bed with my laptop,tea,magazine, kiddo & dog who is snoring like a man right kinda funny. Seriously this is just what I needed to end a long week. I have to share my Wednesday night visual journaling class, it was really fun to go & to be excited to try to do something different. Seeing people excited about creating  something and getting into it was a lot of fun. It was a pretty good size group of women and seemed as if they all pretty much had been getting together for awhile but I enjoyed the conversation, the creativity and just playing for a few hours! Looking forward to the mixed media class next Wednesday night! Have a great Friday...make something and wrap it up pretty and leave it on a neighbors porch with a note that says Have a great day!  

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