Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Post!

So Last nights art class was fun,I had a chance to see some of the other ladies Journals and I was blown away with the color's the creativity that went into their pages amazing! Very inspired to try some different things and get this journaling thing going on! One of the ladies brought a few bags of her leftover craft stuff to share with us very kind and definitely brought it to the right place! Hello Free craft stuff! So I cut off a bit of this and that and this is what I brought home. I will think of something to do with it!!
love the sparkly stuff!

free Goodies! can't beat that!

So Enjoying the sunny day blogging a bit and of course my favorite hot tea! The House is quiet and my dog is a sleep on my feet(awwww) but something I want to share with you a thought about my co worker who lost his wife suddenly this last week do to unknown cancer, my heart has been heavy with so many things because of what happened to her that I cant stop thinking about it. Time is so unknown and we have no idea when someone dear to us will be taken from us, so please dont waste it. Nothing we do will bring back time, so Love the people in your life to the fullest everyday, enjoy them, tell them how you feel about them, and dont hold grudges it destroys only yourself. Love, cherish, and explode your kindness onto people, your family, friends, that is my thought for today and something I really want to do everyday as much as I can. For What time I have left! So if your reading this  right now, I love you! Have a blessed and happy day!

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